DAA Headzup Videos

Welcome to the DAA Headzup which will cover a range of matters including business, commerce, finance, tax, social issues and economic issues. These briefings are released on a regular basis and will cover the topical issues that have arisen that everyone needs to be aware of. We recommend that you check back regularly to be kept of the important developments, news and topical tax issues.

Listed below are some of our previous DAA Headzup and videos of interest. Please note that this is not the full extent of the videos available. These are some of the more popular videos. For other videos you can find us on Youtube under the username of “doddassoc”. Click on any video to view.







These videos are intended as a guide only and should not be relied upon as a definitive answer. Every business is different and if a particular topic is relevant to your business guidance should be sought from one of the experienced accountants at DAA. This is extremely important.