Tax Compliance

Your business needs an accounting firm that will deliver the results that you need whilst taking care of your tax and financial reporting needs. You cannot ignore your tax obligations. let us help you take care of them for you. What sets us apart from other accounting firms is that we have a passion for delivering tax compliance services and how we deliver them.
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TriTec – Revolutionary Accounting

DAA has the exclusive rights to provide you with TriTec. On a monthly basis your GST returns will be simplified and easy to do whilst at the same time being provided with a profit and loss statement. If you are trapped in the your business doing mundane paperwork when when you should be concentrating on other areas and making the business even more prosperous then TriTec is for you.
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Xero Accounting Solution

DAA take pride in being able to client the market leading accounting solution, Xero. Xero is user friendly, meaning our clients don’t spend endless hours screaming about their accounting software. In fact our clients sing the praises of Xero and tell us that they love it. Xero can be accessed from anywhere in the world, as long as you have internet connection. So no matter when or where you can get real time information, see who paid you, check reports… the lot!
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Trust And Wills

Do you have a will? Do you have an enduring power of attorney? Is it updated? If you cannot answer these questions with a resounding yes then you should talk to us as you may need our assistance so that you and your wealth are protected for the future. Imagine the kaos if you died without a will?  Read more »


As a business owner you are constantly bombarded with information and our seminars are designed to present you with the most important information.  Read more »

Websites / Web Hosting

In todays modern world every business needs a web presence and we can assist you with that. In addition we can also make available web hosting for your website. Remember that if you are not on the web then you may be missing out on business.   Read more »