Specialist Chinese Accountant

At DAA our motto  is “We speak your language and understand your accounting and taxation needs”.  We know that other Chartered Accountants say the same but cannot deliver like Jenny does.

Jenny Hu is our specialist chinese accountant and has considerable experience assisting our Chinese community here in New Zealand.

Services that Jenny will provide you with are:

  • TriTec – revolutionise how accounting and business bookwork is done.
  • Paralegal Services – Need assistance with various legal documents? Jenny can assist with a large majority of legal documents. If Jenny can’t assist she will put you in contact with someone that can.
  • Tax Compliance – Jenny can assist with income tax, GST, PAYE and all the other taxes that businesses here in New Zealand are subject to.
  • ACC Management – What is ACC? How is ACC calculated? Why do I need to pay? Jenny will take through the ACC minefield, explain it in detail and help you find the best solution for you.
  • Xero – The outstanding cloud based accounting solution supported by DAA.
  • Immigration assistance – Assisting you with the business aspect of any immigration application.
  • Web Site Hosting – Do you have a website and want cost effective web hosting? Jenny can arrange for webhosting for your website

Contact Jenny now for an appointment to discuss further how she can help you? Don’t delay as Jenny is waiting for your call on 022 632-5548 or email jenny.hu@dodd.co.nz.