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Have you seen our special solution that we have developed for our clients? Do you want to simplify GST returns and end of year tax? If you haven’t signed up to be part our special solution you are missing out on something unique.

The special solution is called TriTec and is proving to be very popular with our clients. Are you trapped in your business doing mundane paperwork? Want to be concentrating on other areas and make the business even more prosperous? TriTec is perfect for this and it allows you to see the business on a monthly basis and to respond quickly to any unexpected changes or cost increases.

The question for you is do you want to know what you are making in terms of profit each month? Are you happy simply guessing what your profit is? For those clients currently using TriTec they are extremely happy with the service we provide. Many have also made a number of changes as a result of our TriTec reports and increased their profits.

A big advantage of TriTec is that business owner are spending less and less time doing their GST returns. For most business owners they are spending on average about 10 to 15 minutes each month (if that) thereby freeing their time up to do the more productive activities such as generating sales and thereby increasing their overall profitability.

For further details on TriTec please visit here.

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DAA goes that extra mile to look after you. We can offer meetings at your premises or home. Our mobile meeting service is also available after hours, and best of all, are provided at no extra cost! This is ideal for people who want to meet but not available during usual working hours.

We service all areas of Christchurch from Sumner to Rakaia, Akaroa to Rangiora and everywhere in between